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You want to offer something special yourself or your friends? Looking for something exciting for your birthday party or your business trip? You are interested in outdoor entertainment and adventure program in the region of Hanover? Then you are exactly right with NaTourWissen! Equipped with GPS devices experience a thematically conceived treasure hunt, where you can choose from different tours. Participating groups run to several stations that reveal the way forward in different ways and bring them little by little closer to the real treasure. In small teams, the players get to know the GPS device and try to solve the small problems together. To make a trip to the countryside is then not only fun but also really smart.

 What is geocaching!

Geocaching is a modern form of paper chase and a worldwide spread hobby that has become increasingly popular in recent years. People use GPS receivers to find the so-called geocaches, which may be hidden both in the forest, on roads and in the city. A geocache is usually a waterproof container, in which you find a log book and various trade items. After an entry in the logbook the geocache is hidden back in place. There are a variety of official caches of varying difficulty. If you do geocaching on a team event with NaTourWissen, you only find specially designed geocaches that are not openly accessible.

 Geocaching as a treasure hunt for teams

GeoCaching with NaTourWissen brings on four different tours a lot of variety in the digital treasure hunt. In the Adventure Tour participants go on an adventure and experience a continuing story. You will receive at each station a part of the story, which takes them to the treasure at the end. On the Whiz-Quiz-Tour general knowledge is in demand. The players answer the questions put to them from different fields of knowledge and then keep it as a reward the treasure in his hands. There are several propositions for each task, but only the right solution leads to the goal. During the Team-Building Tour, each team member must bring creative and communicative skills, so that the instructions are found and tasks at the stations are solved together. Members of the team will receive utilities, which must be combined with each other and are necessary for reaching or solving stations. The Treasure Hunt "The Red String" takes participants along the Red Thread (Roter Faden) passing through central Hanover to known and lesser-known attractions. On their way through the city with the GPS device the group is finding different tasks in which solution a red string plays an important role. Creative and playful you can find out where the treasure is hidden.

 The team of NaTourWissen

The experienced geocacher Sascha Bruncke has developed with great ingenuity and attention to detail the various tours exclusively for NaTourWissen. Along with the natural scientist Alexander Mudroch the GPS paper chase is a unique natural experience for small and large groups in the Hanover region. Team Event GeoCaching is the ideal opportunity to go on a treasure hunt, to solve problems in a team, share an adventure and nature even perceive quite differently. Be it in the Eilenriede, or in the Deister Mountains, or anywhere else - geocaching as a team event with NaTourWissen guarantees anytime an entertaining and fun-filled day in the countryside.

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