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River Leine and Lake Maschsee

Many interesting stories to Leine, Ihme and Maschsee report of taming a river in the city since the Baroque period. The path leads from the Maschsee north banks along to the Parrot Bridge. From there it is only a short walk to the Leine weir. We follow the Schneller Graben to the confluence of the Ihme which expanded to a flood channel brings the water of the Leine up to Limmer. We cross the Ihme at Sportpark and go on the other side to Helene Weber Bridge that leads us to the Ohedamm. Here we stand on the Leine wetlands at its western edge and see a lot of water but none belongs to River Leine. The old railway dam along until we are back at the Leine near ferryhouse landing on the west bank. Other topics of the tour are the change in the Leine floodplains through the flood protection measures as well as the construction and the ecological problems of Lake Maschsee. This route proposal describes a nature walk of about 2.5 hours duration.


As an alternative to the process described above, many variants with individual starting points are possible here at the Leine floodplains near the city. A variant with an alternative start/end on the west bank at ferry takes about 2 hours. A shortened version of approximately 1.5 hours duration passes right by the sports park at the stadium and then back to Lake Maschsee. Alternatively, a walk around the Maschsee with modified content of about 2 hours duration is possible. With a starting point on Maschsee South Banks also a route over the Maschsee Quelle and Ricklinger wetlands at the Great Pond is possible. Depending on the contents this variant takes between 2 and 2.5 hours. From North banks, a variant (duration 1.5 to 2 hours) is possible with the involvement of Masch Park.

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  • Gallery
  • Maschsee north bank at music pavilion, Arthur-Menge-Ufer
  • Maschsee west bank at ferry house landing
  • Maschsee south bank near the lido

  • Beer Garden at Lister Tower and Tavern Odysseus, Walderseestrasse 100, 30177 Hannover
  • Waldcafé Milchhaeuschen in the Eilenriede, Wilhelm-Busch-Weg 10, 30161 Hannover
  • Finca & Bar Celona, Garbsener Landstrasse 25, 30419 Hannover
  • GOSCH Sylt at the market hall, Karmaschstrasse 49, 30159 Hannover
  • Restaurant of Hotel Bischofshol, Bemeroder Strasse 2, 30559 Hannover
  • Restaurant and beer garden Wiesendachhaus, Zum Fugenwinkel 1, 30880 Laatzen
  • Waldgaststätte Nordmannsturm, Oberer Kammweg 1, 31848 Bad Muender am Deister

 € 120.00 (incl. VAT) total for a group up to 12 persons.

€ 10.00 per person (incl. VAT) for groups of 12 people and more.

Groups over 25 people get an individual offer.

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