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The Kronsberg Hill in Hanover

The Kronsberg Hill (118 m above sea level) is an elongated limestone elevation which forms the eastern slope of the Leine valley in Hanover. Its formation is closely linked to the rise of the salt dome under Lehrte and Sehnde. The many oil pumps, which can be seen around the Kronsberg Hill, are closely linked to the salt dome. Although only the Ice Age glaciers have given it its present appearance, especially the Cretaceous limestone has produced a very special landscape in the east of Hanover. Diverse habitats on calcareous subsoil show their typical appearance on fat, lean or waterlogged soils around Wülferode. The Woodlands Gaim and Bockmer Holz case represent the remains of the Great Northern Forest between Hanover and Brunswick, which has developed here since 11,000 years and has gone through gradually clearing until the Middle Ages. We climb the panoramic hill and give us an overview of the Leinetal from up here with the city of Hanover in the middle. The two-hour circular walk takes us past one of the many nodding donkeys that are still pumping up the remains of the nearly empty subsidized petroleum deposits on Kronsberg Hill. On the crest of Kronsberg Hill and between the remaining farmland trees and shrubs were planted as a windbreak. We look more closely at one of such hedges. The lean limestone soil allows only sparse and undemanding vegetation. This also proves the calcareous grasslands above the EXPO area which is extensively grazed by sheep. At the end of the tour we will be back at the parade stone which was erected as a memorial for various military parades last under Kaiser Wilhelm II.


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  • Points Of Interest
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  • Gallery
  • Start at the parade stone for Emperor Wilhelm II (Emperor Monument)
  • View of the marl pit
  • Climbing of the observation hill (118m above sea level)
  • View over Hanover and the surrounding country
  • Descent from the hill to the ridge and further east towards Gaim Wood
  • At the next intersection turn north to Anderten
  • Stop at the horsehead pump (oil pumping)
  • Walk to the hedge between the fields
  • At the next intersection, climb west to the ridge path
  • On the ridge path southwards towards the observation hill
  • View of the Kalkmagerrasen and the EXPO settlement
  • End of the tour at the emperor monument
  • EXPO settlement on the Kronsberg

  • EXPO 2000 site

  • Hanover Trade Fair Grounds

  • Forest areas Gaim and Bockmerholz

 € 10.00 per person

7.00 reduced fee (seniors from 60 years, students, children, unemployed)

Duration app. 2 hours


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