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Eilenriede Forest at Steuerndieb

The Steuerndieb is a popular tourist restaurant in north-eastern Hanover close to the Forest Eilenriede. Even our forefathers have there been on a Sunday trip on the old forest road from the Zoo or from Lister tower. In the Middle Ages there was already an inn here at the old Landwehr close to the Bauerngraben (peasant’s moat). But what about here today? On a two-hour trail we explore the eventful history of this wooded area on the north-eastern edge of the Forest Eilenriede. The construction of the Fairground Highway in the 1950s represented a massive intervention in this place. The light and noise path that is almost permanently motorized is hardly to overcome for many animals. Walking past the Waldstation (forest station) we see the remains of the productive forest afforested with spruce, which was then planted especially at the edges of Forest Eilenriede and today has no more economic function. Today is reflected in passing an almost natural coniferous wood type, which captures the strong pine smell of the forests of Scandinavia. Next to it a typical mixed forest dominated by beech, common oak and hornbeam is developed. In these areas, a natural forest is coming back primarily caused by the special appreciation for the dead wood. These measures, which rely on more and more land in the Forest Eilenriede since the 1980s, are allowing many animals and plants, which play an important role in the forest ecosystem to unfold undisturbed again. Behind the Schneckenbrücke (helix bridge), which was donated in the 1980s by the family Bahlsen we see various climbing plants of our forest. The old forest road that we go back to Steuerndieb is devaluated today by the construction of the Fairground Highway. On to the 1950s the Eilenriede Race for motorcycles took place here. Despite the many roads that make up the town forest Eilenriede as recreation and adventure area, we experience on this tour a lot of nature in the middle of the city of Hanover.



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  • Points Of Interest
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  • Gallery
  • Start at the infrastructure panel at Steuerndieb
  • Walk to the bridge over the Fairground Highway
  • Stop next to the Waldstation Eilenriede
  • Walk through the coniferous forest
  • Stop in the natural forest (mixed forest)
  • Walk to the Schneckenbruecke (helix bridge)
  • Climbing plants behind the Schneckenbruecke (helix bridge)
  • On the old Waldchaussee to the Schiffgraben (navigable moat)
  • From the moat to Steuerndieb

  • Telemax, television tower
  • Waldstation Eilenriede
  • Adventure Zoo Hannover

10.00 per person

7.00 reduced fee (seniors from 60 years, students, children, unemployed)

Duration app. 2 hours



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