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The Leine Barrage at Doehren

St. Peter's Church in Doehren was built of rubble stone in the 14th century and served as a parish also for the neighboring towns of Wuelfel and Laatzen, which were united with the farming village Doehren in the area of the so-called Kleine Freie. In the 19th century, starting from the nearby stream island of river Leine an industrial site has developed next to the church, which has shaped the townscape for 100 years. The Doehrener Wollwaescherei and -kaemmerei of 1872, shortly Doehrener Wolle, settled here where the river Leine was dammed by a mill barrage to flow around an existing stream island. The scouring of raw wool caused an extremely high demand for water, which was passed after the washing operations again as effluent into the river. The Doehrener Wolle was so was one of the biggest polluters on the river and the water quality of the river Leine thus affected for decades. Only after the end of operations and the construction of the residential area on the premises of the wool scouring in the 1980s, nature was able to recover around the stream island. On the Leine barrage the water lead falls down rushing and then flows on a shallow gravel bed on which repeatedly anglers stand and cast their fly. The abundance of fish has risen significantly thanks to a moat that has been built around the barrage around year 2000. On a nearby wooden bridge you can see how the river banks gradually get a more natural look. By Wiehberg Park which is a remnant of the former manor house of the Fiedlers, we then go to the old clock tower by the gatehouse of the old factory.

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  • Start at the St. Peter's Church in Döhren
  • transition to stream island of river Leine, Bridge House
  • transition to mill dam
  • Johann Duve Way to former chemical factory
  • allotments
  • moat New Maschgraben
  • way to Schwarzer Weg
  • wooden bridge Spaete Holzwiesen
  • along the Leine banks to Wiehberg Park
  • end at clock tower and gatehouse of old factory

  • St. Peter's Church, Doehren, Hanover
  • Quarter of Workers Houses
  • Fiedeler Square
  • Wiehberg Park

€ 10.00 per person

€ 7.00 reduced fee (seniors from 60 years, students, children, unemployed)

Duration app. 2 hours

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