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Views from the Benthe Hills

The Benther Berg even though it is not lying on the territory of Hanover, is seen as the actual mountain of Hanover, because it is a popular recreation destination and on its northern flank offers unique views of the city. It rises up to 175m from the Calenberger countryside and consists almost entirely of very old, red sandstone, which can be seen well in some places of the mountain. Around him is the Calenberger Börde consisting superficially of loess sediments. The enormous fertility of these soils promotes settlement of people since the Iron Age and possibly even earlier. Legacies of the pre-Christian inhabitants are documented by bloomery furnaces on the northern slope and through several mounds on the crest of the Benther Berg. The arable land reaches far on the mountain especially in the east slope. Since the 18th century intensive forest management operated in the woods on the Benther Berg. Today the natural beech mixed oak forest can hardly guess where forest exploitation still takes place. The hills owe their emergence a salt dome, lying in 300m depth east of the mountain. The rise of this salt body has pressed the Benther Berg up and dominated the northeastern foothills to Fösse lowlands. The salt mining began here in the late 19th century and large scale mined potash contained in the salt rocks has led to the formation of a large burden stockpile at Empelde. Today, it is clearly visible as a partly recultivated salthill in the countryside.

  • Itinerary
  • Points Of Interest
  • Price
  • Gallery
  • Start at the northern forest entrance at the parking lot at Jaegerheim
  • Passage past the Badeborn Pond
  • Rise on the eastern flank, glances at Hanover
  • View of the salthill Empelde
  • Increase the forest on the ridge
  • Barrows on the ridge
  • Descent to the west through the beech forest
  • End near the parking lot at Jaegerheim

  • Natural monument Badeborn Pond
  • Salt Mine Dump of Empelde
  • Hotel Benther Berg (10 min.)
  • Museum for Potash and Saltmining, Empelde (15 min.)

€ 10.00 per person

€ 7.00 reduced fee (seniors from 60 years, students, children, unemployed)

Duration app. 2 hours

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