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The River Leine in Wintertime

On this walk around the Maschpark we will get an impression of the wintery Leine floodplain close to the city of Hanover. We try to observe how plants and animals can arrange on the river with the dark cold period from December to March. Many living things make a winter rest easy to save energy. Most trees are not leafy and in frost the sluggish flowing river is frozen in some places. Before the conversion of rivers early spring was the time of the winter flood events. The floodplains were flooded and were used as ice skating areas. Today, the few low-lying landscape parts on the river Leine are hardly threatened by floods. Since the Baroque period, floodwater protection has been actively pursued by the Hannoverians through the diversion of the Leine water into the river Ihme. The wintery Lake Maschsee shows us how a flood in the meadows of the Aegidienmasch had looked in earlier times. We walk on this tour from the Leine bridge on the square of the Göttinger Sieben, the location of the former Flusswasserkunst (river waterworks), the Leine along to the Maschsee. On the north bank it goes as far as the Fackelträger (torch bearer monument) and continues to the Maschpark. Through the Maschpark and past the New Town Hall we get back to the starting point at the Landtag. We look at the winter rest at the river and talk about the high water events in the past and how they formed the Leineaue.


  • Itinerary
  • Points Of Interest
  • Price
  • Gallery
  • Start at the square of the Göttinger Sieben
  • View of the River Leine at the parliament building
  • Walk along the river banks to Bella Vista
  • Continue along the River Leine to Lake Maschsee
  • Along the north bank to the torch bearer monument
  • Cross the intersection into the Maschpark
  • Through the Maschpark to the New Town Hall
  • End of tour on the square of the Göttinger Sieben

  • Leineschloss, Lower Saxony Parliament
  • Bella Vista
  • Hanover Lake Maschsee
  • Sprengel Museum (art collection)
  • Maschpark
  • State Museum of Lower Saxony
  • New Town Hall of Hanover
  • Wangenheim Palace

10.00 per person

7.00 reduced fee (seniors from 60 years, students, children, unemployed)

Duration app. 1.5 hours


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