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Rivers of Hanover

NW1 picture 1Many interesting stories to the rivers Leine, Ihme and the Hanover Lake Maschsee tell of taming a river in the city. We meet at Music Pavilion on the North Shore of Hanover Lake Maschsee. Our route takes the Seufzerallee (Alley of Sighs) along to the Leine barrage. There we look at the fortifications from 1922, whose precursors were there already built in the 17th century to keep the flood of the river Leine from the newly built Baroque residence city of Hanover as far as possible. We follow the channel Schneller Graben to the confluence of the Ihme, which expanded as a flood channel then brings the Leine water up to Limmer. We cross the Ihme at Lodemann Bridge and go on the other side to the Helene-Weber Bridge, an old railway bridge from the 19th century. There we take a look at the Ihme which still is called Beeke here and flows as a small stream to the waters of the river Leine. Along on the Ohedamm, a former railroad embankment, it goes up to the ferry house at Hanover Lake Maschsee crossing the river Leine once more. There ends the tour and from here it is only a short way back to the North Shore. After this tour you will know exactly what water flows to where and why the Maschsee is no lake.

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  • Start at the Music Pavilion at North Shore of Hanover Lake Maschsee
  • genesis and short ecological assessment of Lake Maschsee
  • transition to the River Leine and along the Seufzer Alley to the River Barrage
  • talk about the diversion of the Leine water through the barrage on the Schneller Graben and the energy production
  • along Schneller Graben to the river Ihme
  • on the bridge at Lodemannsweg
  • transition to Helene-Weber Bridge, viewing the Leine floodplain and the Ricklinger Beeke (Ihme)
  • movement on the Ohedamm past the water catchment area to the River Leine
  • End at the ferry house on the west bank of the Maschsee

NW1 picture 1

  • Hanover Lake Maschsee
  • HDI Arena (Football Stadium of Hanover)
  • Sports Park Hanover
  • Courtyard Marriot Hotel

€ 10.00 per person

€ 7.00 reduced fee (seniors from 60 years, students, children, unemployed)

Duration app. 2.5 hours

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