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NTM 5 - Light from the Waterside

One can say that the rapid industrialization of the city of Hanover from the middle of the 19th century would not have been possible without the invention of gas lighting. For the emerging industry, which grew increasingly close to the town harbour at Glocksee on the Ihme, needed light also at night, so that the production did not have to stop. The usual oil or petroleum fuzzes were not bright enough for this. A new chapter was opened with the invention of urban lighting using city gas by the Scottish engineer and inventor William Murdoch (1754-1839). As early as 1825 there was the first gas factory in Germany in Hanover at the Glocksee area with the Imperial Continental Gas Association (ICGA). Later known as Stadtwerke Hannover and today as an independent company Enercity, it is now a broadly based energy supplier. Parallel to the gas lighting the development of the electric light was advanced. Here too, the requirements of city lighting were the decisive driving force for the expansion of the electricity grid and thus also for the electrification of private households. On the walk from the Glocksee to the Museum of Energy History (Humboldt Street) we want to take a look at the remnants of the gas factory and to throw a glimpse into these connections. In the museum, a special presentation on the topic of light and light production awaits us in the permanent exhibition. Afterwards, the coffee and cakes are served in the museum exclusively opened for us.

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  • Points Of Interest
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  • Gallery
  • Start at the Leinebrücke, Königsworther Straße
  • Walk to the depot of ÜSTRA
  • Walk to Enercity building
  • Walk along the Ihme banks to Villa Rosa
  • Walk to the museum of energy history (s), Humboldtstraße
  • Special presentation on the topic of light and light production
  • Afterwards coffee and cake in the museum

  • ÜSTRA Depot Glocksee
  • Enercity headquarters
  • Linden thermal power station
  • Villa Rosa
  • Ihme center Linden
  • Museum for Energy History, Humboldt Street

€ 15.00 per person (incl. café)

 Duration app. 3 hours

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