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Life along the river, part two

In this tour, the people that live and settle along the river are in focus. The trail leads from the New Town Hall, which was built on more than 6,000 wooden piles in the Leineaue past the Masch Pond to the Leine. Along the river it goes to the old weir at Leineschloss where the supply of the city with water until 1964 was carried out by the Flusswasserkunst. In the Baroque period, the city of Hanover, this was surrounded with a rampart bastion and moats, ended here. The Leine here in city centre rushes in a storage pool of water that has very little in common with a natural flow. The basin is fully lined with sandstone and shows in many places today, the ravages of time has gnawed at this structure. Opposite is the Leineschloss in which the Lower Saxon parliament is housed today. Ancient gateways are leading down to the river. The Leine was here earlier dual lumen, so that for many centuries the Leine stream island of Hanover was here. Buildngs on the island were so destroyed in World War II that the second round was filled with the rubble. At this point, near the old ford across the Leine are the origins of the city Hanover. Am Leineschloss past the path leads to Beginen Tower who testifies as a remnant of the ancient city wall from the 14th century the confidence of citizens in the Middle Ages.

From the Hohes Ufer it goes to the Historical Museum, where the walk is traced to a model of the ancient city of 1686. The transformation of the city from the baroque fortress city for industrialized metropolis with its immense impact on the city river is even more tangible. In some images, the lives of the people on the River Leine are shown to modern times. The tour ends in front of a large aerial view of the city of Hanover in 2005. Afterwards, there is an optional common residence in the museum café possible.

  • Itinerary
  • Points Of Interest
  • Price
  • Gallery
  • Start at the New Town Hall
  • Transition to River Leine via Maschpark Garden
  • Along the Leine up to the Friederikenplatz (Flusswasserkunst)
  • Transition to Leineschloss and the castle bridge, Leine stream island
  • Transition from Leintor to Beginen Tower
  • Viewing the former Pferdeschwemme
  • Transition to the Historical Museum
  • Preparation for the lead in the Museum
  • Thematic tour of the permanent exhibition: City-Man-River
  • Afterwards opportunity to stay in the museum café
  • New Town Hall
  • Maschpark Garden
  • The Leineschloss (Leine Castle in Hanover)
  • The Beginen Tower with relics of old town wall
  • The Historical Museum


€ 10.00 per person (incl. museum entrance fee)

 Duration app. 2.5 hours

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