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Life along the river, part one

How much naturalness remains the Leine as a river in the city? Themes of the walk are the animals and plants, the river banks and flood zones. Start is at Hanover Lake Maschsee, a man-made pond of 78 ha size with just 2m water depth, which has been built here in the 1930s into the meadows of Aegidienmasch. What is the water balance of this oversized garden pond and how does the presence of water for possible flooding of Leineaue from? Which fish actually live in Maschsee? The path continues then on the banks of the Leine up to the remains of an old garden with a forgotten building of the great city architects Laves. How much naturalness had the River Leine in the early 19th century here at Bella Vista yet? We view the river Leine and try to compare it with a natural riverbank. So all we cannot succeed. Today the river is built in the city of Hanover's facility as a moat that eliminates many of the plants and animals that occur naturally in the river and on the banks. Passing Loretta's Biergarten it comes to Maschpark behind the New Town Hall. This beautiful landscape Park, which in every season has its own charm, has been built in 1903 by Julius trip as a unifying element for the surrounding buildings in the suburban part of Aegidienmasch. The theme here is to be seen as an international panoptic on the riverine floodplain. You have to look very closely to be here to introduce the wet meadows of the old town floodplain, where in the middle Ages the cows grazed. We enter the Nds. Landesmuseum (Lower Saxony State Museum) for the second part of the event.

In Landesmuseum scientists carry out parts of the natural history exhibition and make it a reference to the biology of rivers and the history of the canvas ago. The tour through the natural world begins in the vivarium where some river residents can be observed in their aquariums. After consideration of residents of other rivers in the world, the tour ends at the now rarely encountered inhabitants of natural river landscapes in Lower Saxony. Afterwards there is an end to coffee and cake in the museum café.

  • Itinerary
  • Points Of Interest
  • Price
  • Gallery
  • Start at the Music Pavilion at northern banks of Hanover Lake Maschsee
  • genesis and short ecological assessment of Lake Maschsee
  • transition to the River Leine and then along to Bella Vista
  • Observation and evaluation of riverside
  • Historical Perspective of mid-19th century (Bella Vista)
  • Transition to Maschpark and viewing the converted floodplain
  • Transition to Landesmuseum and preparation for exhibition
  • Thematic guided tour through natural worlds exhibition: River Ecology
  • Afterwards stay at the museum café
  • Hanover Lake Maschsee
  • New Town Hall
  • Maschpark Garden
  • State Museum of Lower Saxony

€ 15.00 per person (incl. café, excl. museum entrance fee)

 Duration app. 3 hours

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