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The Waterway to the Bog

Discover the classic route from Hanover's center to the Warmbüchener Moor. In the first part of the tour we drive along Schiffgraben canal, where once the barges loaded with peat came from the bog. We drive past the Aegi Square and Schiffgraben until Emmichplatz where behind the College of Music and Art this once navigable ditch still lies open. Today the trench at this point is only filled with water after heavy rains. From there it goes through the northern Eilenriede until behind the zoo we can view at Inselgraben the remains of the old Landwehr of Hanover. Schiffgraben and many of today still visible trenches in the Eilenriede owe this medieval fortification their existence. We cross the Schneckenbrücke then to the Waldstation and there at the border of the forest Eilenriede view in comparison the edge trench. We continue over Weidetor to the old core of Gr.-Buchholz at the Pinkenburg, where the Schiffgraben has been filled today partly in order not to jeopardize the high built roadway. On the bridge over the Mittellandkanal we experience a modern navigable waterway that shows the problems of water management in an artificial trench in different scale. It continues in the Laher Heide where we meet last time on the former Schiffgraben beside the Laher Graben. A little further north the canal ended in the Warmbüchener Moor where the moor farmers have their peat loaded earlier on the barges. From there we drive to Altwarmbüchener Lake where we make a break. We explore the remains of former moor on the Warmbüchener Geest and lead us the reasons for the lake's facility in the 1970s in mind. From the lake, it goes through Altwarmbüchen and down to the Wietze marshland. During the times of cleanup of open fields the Wietze has been drawn here in Isernhagen to a ditch. It leads dull iron-rich water, which has created a very special soil horizon in the surrounding sandy sediments. From Wietze we drive over the old post way about the Farrelheide on to Bothfeld. There we pass the Laher meadows at the end of the day trip to St. Nicholas Church in the heart of Bothfeld arrive. The block of the old church tower dates from the iron-rich meadows of Wietze in Isernhagen. From here, easy roads lead back to the city centre.

  • Itinerary
  • Points Of Interest
  • Price
  • Gallery
  • Start on Maschpark with a short introduction
  • Ride over Aegi and Schiffgraben to Emmichplatz
  • Drive to Inselgraben behind Zoo Hanover
  • Crossing the Snail Bridge to the forest Eilenriede
  • Ride to Pinkenburg in Gr.-Buchholz
  • Drive to the Mittellandkanal
  • Crossing the Laher Heide to Altwarmbuechener Lake (lunch)
  • Drive through Altwarmbuechen to River Wietze
  • Ride over the old postway and Farrelheide to the Laher meadows
  • End at the St. Nicholas Church in Bothfeld
  • Individual return journey to the city center

 Distance 20.3 km (plus way to downtown)

  • Nds. Landesmuseum (provincial museum)
  • Ständehaus (House of Estates), Schiffgraben
  • Academy of Music, Theater, and Art, Emmichplatz
  • Adventure Zoo Hanover
  • Waldstation Eilenriede (forest learning centre)
  • TelemaxX (radio tower)
  • Mittellandkanal (central canal)
  • Lake Altwarmbuechen
  • St. Nicholas Church, Bothfeld

€ 15.00 per person / € 25.00 per couple

 Duration 6 hours (with a break at the lake)

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