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Water, Wool, and Wetlands

This nature bicycle tour takes us from Maschpark on the dam between Leine and Maschsee to Machseequelle, a pumping station that controls the water supply to the Maschsee. We talk about the water balance of this great flat water basin. After that it goes to the nearby Great Ricklinger pond that owes its existence the gravel mining in the sediments of the Leine stream terrace since the last world war. After crossing the Doehrener Masch we make station on the Doehrener Leine stream island and talk about water mills and the former Doehrener Wollwaescherei. The nearby moat that surpasses the weir shows us how much can be done for the variety of fish in the River Leine by simple measures. From here the vast grasslands of southern Leine floodplains of Hanover opens for us. Passing Wülfel it comes to the Wiesendachhaus on the Alte Leine an old Leine running, which is now used by a sluggishly flowing river with the appearance of a cut-off. The nature reserve "Alte Leine" is aimed to receive the typical landscape of the wide floodplains of River Leine in Laatzen and give especially many birds of meadows and water a safe habitat. On an observation tower, we get an idea of the surrounding pastures and see also the adjacent water catchment area. We drive to the waterworks Grasdorf and talk about the processes of groundwater recharge in the flooded floodplain and their utility for water supply of Hanover. From there it continues on at the River Leine until exit Rethen in the fields and meadows at the Bruchriede. We pass under a flood bridge and arrive at the Kolding lakes caused by the reduction in glacial gravels. Our tour ends at a wooden observation tower and we accompany you from here on the way back up to the Maschsee.

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  • Points Of Interest
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  • Gallery
  • Start at the Maschpark with a short introduction
  • Trip to Maschseequelle on the west bank
  • Drive to Great Ricklinger pond
  • Ride to Doehrener Leine stream island at the mill dam
  • Drive to the New Maschgraben in the floodplain in Döhren
  • Drive to Wiesendachhaus near Alte Leine
  • Drive to observation tower in southern Leineaue
  • Drive to the waterworks Grasdorf
  • Drive through the Bruchriede at Rethen to the Koldingen Lakes
  • End at the observation tower at Koldingen lake
  • Joint return trip to the city center of Hannover (Maschsee)

 Distance 18.6 km (+ way to the city center of Hanover)

  • Nds. Landesmuseum
  • Maschsee
  • LSG Ricklinger Ponds
  • Doehrener wool weir
  • Wiesendachhaus
  • Waterworks Grasdorf
  • NABU Laatzen Grasdorf
  • Leine terraces at Koldingen

€ 15.00 per person / € 25.00 per couple

 Duration app. 4 hours (+ 45 min. return to Hanover)

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