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Ice Age, Bogs, and Tropics

You have never seen the east of Hanover this way! We embark on a geological exploration of the eastern slope of the Leine Valley. From Maschpark we drive along Hanover Lake Maschsee to the Lion Bastion. There we learn how the lowest landscape, the floodplain of the Leine through the Construction of the Maschsee changed dramatically, but was brought back in parts. At the nearby Vierthaler Pond we can see how the Landwehr fosse today flows into the Leine floodplains. Along Landwehr fosse it continues through the Tiefenriede and southern Eilenriede up on the sandy Bult where the old hippodrome was located. We are talking about the heathland-like appearance of the alluvial terrace landscape. Behind Bischofshol we come in the most natural and wettest part of the forest. On Heiligersbrunnen and copper hole in Kleefeld we can see how the sulphurous mudstone in the underground has helped the place into a kind of wellness oasis of the 18th century. A granite boulder in the near is bearing testimony to the legacy of the ice age in our landscapes. In Hermann-Löns-Park, we stop for lunch and learn afterwards of a large moor lake, which arose here after the last ice age. After we looked at the stone circle at Kiebitzberg we drive to Mardalwiese which is protected due to its botanical treasures. From there it goes along the Tiergarten and the Nasse Wiese until Anderten. Higher and higher we ascend to cross the Mittellandkanal at the highest point of the day at the lock in Anderten. On an outcrop on the canal we see the bright marlstones which now accounts for the ground below us. We finish this tour in Misburg at the HPC 1, the oldest of the marl quarries, where we take a closer look at the construction of the Leine valley before we plan to get home from the event.

  • Itinerary
  • Points Of Interest
  • Price
  • Gallery
  • Start at the Maschpark with a short introduction
  • Drive to Lion Bastion am Maschsee
  • Drive to Vierthaler pond at Landwehr Graben
  • Ride to the Bult in Bischofshol
  • Drive to Heiligersbrunnen in the Eilenriede
  • Drive to the Hermann-Löns-Park, lunch
  • Ride across the Kiebitzberg to Mardalwiese
  • Ride past Tiergarten on to Anderter Schleuse
  • Ride across the Mittellandkanal to Misburger marlpits
  • End in marlpit HPC1 in Misburg
  • Individual return journey to the city center

 Distance 22.7 km (+ way to Hanover centre)


  • Nds. Landesmuseum
  • Maschsee
  • Döhrener Tower
  • Hermann-Löns-Park
  • Tiergarten Kirchrode
  • Anderter lock
  • Mittellandkanal

€ 15.00 per person / € 25.00 per couple

 Duration app. 6 hours (with a break in the middle)

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