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Limestone, Salt, and Dust

This tour takes you on a hilly journey through the northern Calenberger Land on the western flank of the Leine valley. From Maschpark it goes over the river Leine and the Waterloo Square past the Legion Bridge to Linden. The Allerweg we go up to Deisterkreisel the next stop before the Von-Alten-Garden wall at the Wachsbleiche. We see the rock of Lindener Berg (Linden Hill), a limestone from the Jurassic period, which has been mined in a large quarry in the near and was also used in the medieval town wall of Hanover. On the top of the Lindener Berg at about 90m above sea level we stop at the old watchtower, which has long been used as a windmill and is now a beer garden. From there it goes on the western slope down to the Bornumer Wood, a naturally protected forest area with old book stock that was never entirely cut in the core. In Badenstedt we go to the site of the old Saline Egestorffhall at Foesse River. On a nearby sliding hill we talk about the salt dome Benthe in the underground, which we will cross on the actual tour. Along the salty Foesse we drive in the green corridor on the border with Davenstedt to ancient tributary of the Bade and talking about salt-rich soils and salt-loving plants. Continue on the Harenberger heights to Heisterberg, where we try to capture the northern Calenberger Land until after Velber. From there it is only a short hop to Mönckeberg and the Willy-Spahn-Park in Ahlem, where the tour ends. We look at the park, which goes back to a converted to orchard limestone quarry. On the way back to the city center we drive along the canal and the River Leine. Thematically it's all about the raw materials, which have promoted the industrialization of the old city Linden: limestone and salt.

  • Itinerary
  • Points Of Interest
  • Price
  • Gallery
  • Start at the Maschpark with a short introduction
  • Drive to Linden Berg, Watch Tower
  • Drive to Bornumer wood
  • Drive to sliding hill at Foesse
  • Foesse green passage btw. Badenstedt and Davenstedt
  • Drive to Velber and to Heisterberg
  • Drive to the cemetery of Ahlem on Mönckeberg
  • End in Willy-Spahn-Park, Ahlem
  • Return to the city centre along channel and Leine

  • Nds. Landesmuseum
  • Lindener Berg Cemetery
  • Benther Berg
  • English Military Cemetery, Ahlem
  • Ahlemer cemetery

€ 15.00 per person / € 25.00 per couple

Duration app. 4 hours (+ 30 min. to town centre)

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