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Teampower on the Low Rope

With a business trip or a team event of NaTourWissen, you will promote the team spirit as well as the motivation of your employees. Groups with a size of normally 10 to 60 participants learn about the special features of our natural spaces in an entertaining way by competent scientists, or experience sustainable outdoor activities with fun and excitement.

Together with the members of your team, we conquer strong trees in a forest, park or other suitable terrain. With great fun, we get the first contact with the ropes in challenging rope games and learn the most important knots for the low-rope course in a knot workshop. With a combined effort, you stretch the first rope and master with mutual support. After a short breather, Burma bridges, wiggle bridges or liana corridors wait for their completion. Enjoy games, constructions and climbing on the low-ropes. You do not want to build together but have more time on the rope? No problem, we also gladly prepare an exciting course according to your wishes. For larger groups or company parties this event is suitable in combination with our offer Tree Climbing Experience.

  • Event Locations
  • Duration & Group Size
  • Costs
  • Gallery
  • Eilenriede Forest at Lister Tower (Lister Turm), Hanover
  • Eilenriede Forest at Milk Café (Milchhäuschen), Hanover
  • Wood at Open-air Biology School Burg (Schulbiologiezentrum), Hanover
  • In Georgengarten (King George’s Garden) Royal Gardens of Hanover
  • Monastery Forest Marienwerder, Hanover
  • Wisentgehege Springe (Wildlife Park)
  • Wood around Hanover Castle Marienburg
  • between suitable trees on your company’s premises


  • app. 4 hours (with knot workshop)
  • app. 2 hours (with preinstalled low-rope course)


 Group size:

  • 10 to 30 participants (standard team sizes 5 to 8 persons)
  • larger groups only on some locations on demand

  • € 35.00 per person (+ VAT) or more (depending on location)
  • € 42.00 per person (incl. VAT) or more (depending on location) for self-payers
  • € 400.00 (incl. VAT, incl. call-out charge) minimum for every booking
  • entries for some locations and catering extra

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