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Forest Bike Tour

You never have the city forest of Hanover, the Eilenriede, experienced like that. We drive on a classic wood party as 100 years ago on the old forest road from Lister Tower to Tiergarten Park. Keep on this fun bike ride in the forest, we pass many interesting places. Some we stop others we pass. Our first stop is Steuerndieb, an old tavern waiting at the medieval defensive dyke near the Schiffgraben and later restaurant and popular destination for a Sunday trip to the countryside. This old road through the forest was once a carriage lane, then asphalted later and also for bicycles and automobiles passable. In the 1930s, the Eilenriede Motorcycle Race took place on a part of the forest road. After the construction of the Fairground Highway in the 1950s, this popular motorcycle race has been set. The expressway, which has been built by the city forest in the middle, cuts through the old forest road. We are looking for a pleasant bridge to cross it on our way to Pferdeturm in Kleefeld. Passing St. Peter’s Church we drive to the southern part of Eilenriede until Heiligersbrunnen. In the nearby Kopper Hole the citizens in the 18th century used a sulfur source for curing skin diseases. The next stop is the Hermann-Loens-Park, which concluded in 1939 when it opened a gap between scenic Eilenriede and Tiergarten Park. At the windmill we look at the open-air museum around the Restaurant Alte Muehle. From here it is only a short way up before the Tiergarten Park, where the old forest road ends. In the Tiergarten Park itself bikes are not allowed, since the deer wander freely through the park. But the Tiergartenschaenke café in front of the park is an attractive destination for this tour. If desired, this tour can end here after about 2 hours or then occurs after a stay at the Tiergarten Park, a trip to the Lister Tower or another agreed destination.


Alternatively, you can also go with your group over the beer garden Bischofshol in Bult and the Tiefenriede and Döhrener Tower by Lake Maschsee. There we bring you and your group up to the place of a booked catering. Again, the duration of the tour is no way back for about 2 hours. Alternatively, the tour can also start at the Tiergarten or Lake Maschsee and run on the old forest road to the Lister Tower. Another alternative starting point can be the classic forest entrance in Oststadt on Emmichplatz. If you want even more forest, also longer trips to the east over the Seelhorster Forest to the Gaim and the Bockmer Wood are possible, or north to the Misburger and Ahltener Forest.

  • Event Locations
  • Gastronomy Suggestions
  • Costs
  • Gallery
  • Forest Eilenriede at Lister Tower
  • At the Tiergarten Park, Kirchrode
  • At the Bockwind mill in Hermann-Loens-Park
  • Forest Eilenriede at Emmichplatz
  • Maschsee south banks at the lido

  • Tiergartenschänke café and beer garden, Tiergartenstraße 119, 30559 Hannover
  • Park restaurant Alte Mühle, Hermann-Löns-Park 3, 30559 Hannover
  • Beer garden at Lister Tower and Taverne Odysseus, Walderseestraße 100, 30177 Hannover
  • Restaurant at Steuerndieb, Steuerndieb 1, 30655 Hannover
  • Restaurant in the Hotel Bischofshol, Bemeroder Str. 2, 30559 Hannover
  • Restaurant Die Insel, Rudolf-von-Bennigsen-Ufer 81, 30519 Hannover

€ 150.00 (incl. VAT) for groups up to 15 people.

€ 10.00 per person (incl. VAT) for groups of 15 people and more.

Groups over 20 people get an individual offer.

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