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Bicycle Tours in Hanover Region

With a business trip or a team event of NaTourWissen, you will promote the team spirit as well as the motivation of your employees. Groups with a size of normally 10 to 60 participants learn about the special features of our natural spaces in an entertaining way by competent scientists, or experience sustainable outdoor activities with fun and excitement. On our guided nature tours, you will get to know the landscape of the Hanover region much better. Whether by foot on walks and hikes or by bike, knowledge and natural experience are linked. We offer competent nature support with didactically trained scientists, who can guarantee you a sustainable experience in the great outdoors. We can offer you a lot in many places in the region, but we will gladly take your suggestions for new places of interest.

From May to October we explore with our cycling tours Hanover and its surrounding region from a landscape perspective. We look at a slightly larger space with bicycles and see the development and change of the different landscape types we find here around Hanover. The development from primordial landscape to cultural landscape and to modern natural landscape can be well understood. The interrelationships between the various landscaped areas are presented to interested participants. But even if you just want to cycle along the many beautiful sights and special features of Hanover with expert accompaniment, we will find the right bike tour. Look also in the program of openly offered individual bike tours, perhaps there is the right for your group thereby. If not, we will be happy to create an exclusive cycling tour for you and your group. On our bike tours, which usually last between 4 and 6 hours, there is enough time for a picnic or a safe stopover in a country inn on the route. Talk to us about the breaks and possible catering, we can respond to all your wishes and make suitable suggestions.

  • Event Locations
  • Duration & Group Size
  • Costs
  • Gallery
  • Around Lake Maschsee
  • in the whole area of Leine floodplains
  • everywhere in Eilenriede Forest
  • at many places in the Deister Mountains
  • around the Hills of Benthe (Benther Berg)
  • in the Moor of Altwarmbuechen
  • and in many other places in the region of Hanover


  • from 3 to 6 hours depending on the tour


Group size:

  • 10 to 40 participants

€ 10.00 per person + VAT

€ 15.00 per person (incl. VAT) for self-payers

€ 150.00 (incl. VAT) minimum for every booking

Entries and cost for catering extra

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